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New and Young Worker H&S Training


This New and Young Worker H&S Training course is designed to provide participants with a comprehensive, yet easy to understand, overview and introduction to workplace safety. This course covers the required information on applicable workplace safety acts and regulations along with providing participants with practical information on identifying and assessing common workplace hazards, along with equipping them with the skills and knowledge to implement effective hazard control strategies and safe work procedures.

Topics Covered

  • General overview on the applicable workplace safety acts and regulations
  • Rights and responsibilities for health and safety 
  • General hazard and mitigation strategies for common workplace hazards
  • Practical training on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) selection, use and care
  • Implementation and execution of safe work procedures 
  • Reporting hazards and incidents 
  • Emergency preparedness, including first aid and emergency evacuation
  • Importance of physical and mental well-being in the workplace

Course Benefits

  • Gain an understanding of the applicable workplace safety acts and regulations including health and safety rights and responsibilities
  • Acquire the tools and resources to identify common workplace hazards, assess their risk and apply hazard control strategies 
  • Improve skills for PPE selection, use and care in accordance with safe work procedures
  • Demonstrate compliance with applicable workplace safety legislation
  • Ensure participants understand the importance of hazard and incident reporting 
  • Apply critical response information around first aid and emergency evacuation protocols

Target Audience

Regardless of jurisdiction and industry sector, all workplaces require training for new and young workers to ensure they are equipped with health and safety information to do their job safely. This course is designed for workers or personnel to give them the tools, information and resources in general health and safety, hazard awareness along with provide critical information on emergency protocols and reporting requirements. It is suitable for individuals across various industries and sectors to foster a safe working environment and achieve regulatory compliance.

Course Format

Canary Safety and Risk Consulting will work with you to tailor this course specific to your team. This will be based on your needs and preferred learning methodologies to ensure participants are equipped with information on general health and safety, workplace hazards and emergency protocols specific to your organization and industry sector to ensure they work safely in an environment that minimizes risk and prevents injuries.

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