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We are experienced safety professionals ready to collaborate with your organization to provide a wide variety of comprehensive safety and risk services tailored to your organization’s needs. Get in touch with us today to explore how we can start progressing safety at your workplace, public area or temporary project site. 


Safety Management Systems drive outcomes by integrating the key elements of your Health and Safety Program so that they reinforce each other making the overall program stronger. Safety Management Systems can be simple dashboards to more complex monitoring systems. Either way, the systems allow for records, statistics and key performance indicators to be centralized and easily accessible to demonstrate legal compliance, create engagement surrounding health and safety activities, and satisfy audit (i.e. ISO45001 and COR) items and ESG reporting requirements specific to health and safety.

Partnering with Canary Safety and Risk Consulting means an expert and dedicated resource in change management and compiling key performance/compliance indicators together to demonstrate your organization’s commitment to health and safety. We will work with you to build and tailor your Safety Management System based on where you are at in your H&S Program development and work with you to continually improve these key elements so they work together making safety both functional and visible at your organization to set clear responsibilities and expectations around health and safety. As we say at Canary Safety and Risk Consulting – it’s about progress, not perfection!

Whether you are developing a comprehensive health and safety program from the ground up or looking to strengthen your existing one, Canary Safety and Risk Consulting can help. Written H&S programs, policies and procedures are the foundation of a living and breathing program and culture within your organization.


Our services:

  • Assessing current programs, policies and procedures factoring in specific organizational risks
  • Developing robust and comprehensive written programs in compliance with workplace safety laws which meet your organization’s needs and satisfy audit requirements for both ISO45001 or COR certification
  • Aid in enhancing reputation by demonstrating commitment to safety and building confidence among employees, clients, suppliers, government agencies and the general public


Written health and safety programs demonstrate due diligence and compliance with applicable workplace safety laws, and they are the cornerstone of the Plan, Do, Check and Act (PDCA) model for continual improvement in safety performance. Partnering with Canary Safety and Risk Consulting means expert guidance and support, to establish a solid foundation that not only meets legal requirements but ingrains confidence and trust among all stakeholders that promotes continued health and safety performance.

If your worksite operates with multiple employers (i.e. contractors or third-parties), the need for contractor safety management likely applies to you. Depending on the jurisdiction, you may be deemed the constructor, employer or prime contractor, and therefore understanding the responsibilities around coordinating safety activities is crucial. Whether the location is a permanent worksite, public area or a temporary project site, safety activities must be safely coordinated and achieve regulatory compliance based on prescribed responsibilities.


Our services:

  • Develop contractor safety management programs that aid to pre-qualify, screen and ensure these workers have the necessary clearance letters and safety certifications
  • Advise and build site-specific safety information boards, orientations and pre-shift talks to effectively communicate safety expectations on site
  • Work with key stakeholders to ensure compliance for first aid services, emergency management plans and incident report documentation 
  • Monitor compliance through inspections and audits 


Partnering with Canary Safety and Risk Consulting means taking critical steps in ensuring a safe and coordinated worksite with contractors and third-parties. We will work with your team to develop robust contractor safety management programs that demonstrate due diligence around key safety elements such as: pre-qualification, orientations, executing responsibilities, inspections along with being prepared to swiftly take action should an incident occur.

Emergency management plans and practicing them are critical components of disaster preparedness that can save lives, minimize asset loss and reputational risks, and help to aid swift recovery during a crisis event. Having well-thought-out emergency plans that are specific to your location, people and operations along with regularly training and practicing them can make a significant difference in ensuring the safety and well-being of individuals and communities.


Our services: 

  • Develop emergency plans that provide a robust, comprehensive and structured framework to guide individuals and organizations
  • Work with your team to review, understand and practice emergency plans through training, drills and tabletop exercises to build confidence and empower their skills and knowledge
  • Foster a culture of readiness and resilience among individuals, organizations and external stakeholders such as emergency services, city planners and surrounding communities


Partnering with Canary Safety and Risk Consulting means providing your team with the tools, support and information to execute protocols, manage crisis communications, and anticipate decisions and actions that need to be made. Written plans, training and exercising emergency events empowers your team by building confidence and enhancing the overall effectiveness of your emergency plan to ensure it stays relevant to the changing circumstances and potential risks.

At Canary Safety and Risk Consulting, we specialize in Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC) services tailored to your organization’s risks and needs. JHSCs are the cornerstone of workplace safety, safeguarding your employees’ well-being, fostering a positive safety culture and ensuring legal compliance.


Our services:

  • JHSC development, strengthening and maintenance
  • Compliance with Canadian workplace safety laws
  • Safety program enhancement
  • Risk identification and mitigation
  • Meeting frequency optimization
  • Safety statistic reviews
  • Program consultation
  • Annual JHSC assessments
  • Training and education


Partnering with Canary Safety and Risk Consulting means strengthening your workplace safety initiatives, enhancing organizational performance, and creating a safer, compliant environment through your JHSC. JHSCs are a legal requirement for workplace health and safety, and depending on the jurisdiction can be prescriptive in the requirements. We are here to help achieve regulatory compliance and ensure your JHSC provides value in continually improving health and safety at your organization.

Incident reporting and investigation are key elements of an effective H&S Program. By building a strong incident reporting and investigation program that works for your organization and people, this will help facilitate a culture of reporting and continual improvement. Incident reporting and investigation that functions to identify root-causes and preventative measures is a legal requirement for workplace health and safety, and depending on the jurisdiction can be prescriptive in the requirements.


Our services: 

  • Establish hazard, incident and near miss reporting programs that fit the organization and people with the necessary forms and training for successful implementation 
  • Establish incident investigation forms and templates and provide training to ensure internal investigations are successful at root-cause analysis and identifying reasonable and practicable preventative measure in compliance with applicable workplace safety laws
  • In the unfortunate event of a serious workplace incident, we can work with your team to guide and review the investigation following the incident or attend in person to support and take the necessary steps


Partnering with Canary Safety and Risk Consulting means an expert and reliable resource to navigate the challenges and legislative requirements around incident reporting and investigation. Whether support means developing robust programs and ensuring your team is ready to execute investigation responsibilities, or if you need us to roll up our sleeves to respond on site – we are here to help!

Risk assessments play a pivotal role in methodically reviewing the key operations, tasks and assets of your organization to identify potential vulnerabilities and develop tailored strategies to reduce risk and fortify safety controls and protocols in place. Using regulatory compliance, best practices and industry standards, we will perform a thorough overview of your workplace, public area, or temporary project site to identify those items, situations, processes, etc. that may cause harm to people, assets, environment and/or reputation. By taking a proactive response to risk assessment and mitigating risks based on priority, your organization can take steps in protecting people and minimizing financial and reputational losses that can be avoided. Conducting a risk assessment is a critical step in due diligence and achieving regulatory compliance.


Our services: 

  • Identification of hazards and risks within your workplace, public area and/or temporary project site
  • Examination and assessment of risks based on expertise, data and industry best practices 
  • Prioritization of risks as part of an action-plan
  • Recommendations that are specific to your organization, operations and people to continuously improve safety taking a risk-based approach
  • Formal documentation that is clear and easy to understand 


Partnering with Canary Safety and Risk Consulting means an expert that has extensive knowledge in regulatory compliance and industry best practices. We will work with you to conduct risk assessments, understand your business and analyze data to identify risks, prioritize them and develop mitigation plans to safeguard your people and valuable assets. 

Safety inspections and audits are essential components of maintaining a safe and compliant environment by taking a proactive approach to injury prevention and risk reduction through thoughtful examination of the physical environment, materials, equipment, tools, and processes. Whether you are overseeing a workplace, public area, or temporary project site, these assessments are key to identifying and mitigating potential hazards and continually improving health and safety.


Our services: 

  • Developing and overseeing effectiveness of inspections conducted by management, employees, and the Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC)
  • Comprehensive audits conducted by us to review the overarching Health and Safety Program through examination of key elements, documents and activities


Partnering with Canary Safety and Risk Consulting means ensuring a streamlined and effective safety inspection program, tailored to meet your organization’s needs, or we can facilitate an independent external H&S Program review, such as ISO45001 or COR compliance, to enhance and progress your H&S Program to the next level. 

Should MLITSD, WorkSafeBC or other safety Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) visit your worksite and identify issues of non-compliance, this could result in an order, or possible monetary fines or even the issuance of “stop work” leading to increased costs, loss of productivity and decreased employee morale. These matters can also escalate quickly if not resolved properly in a timely manner or continued non-compliance occurs. Navigating inspection reports and orders can be challenging and achieving regulatory compliance is mandatory. 


Partnering with Canary Safety and Risk Consulting means a reliable and responsive expert to help navigate the challenges of any violations or contraventions of the applicable workplace safety laws. We will work with you to understand the non-compliance to action accordingly based on the legislation and how to most effectively correct the issue for your organization and your team.

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